Friday, October 14, 2011

Skipping and Snogging.

So...the Wednesday after returning from the trip, we were going to Kew Gardens.  It's huge.  Really huge.  It's on the outer part of London, and it's big partly due to the mere fact that it's got some specimen of 1/8th of the plants in the world.  Plants, seeds, dried specimens, you name it.  There's a seed bank there, some lily gardens and other habitat kind of areas.  Someone said it was like a zoo for plants.  But this is all hearsay.

Because I never made it in.

See, I left around the middle of people leaving but for no particularly good reason, I ended up going out on my own.  I knew where to go, but there was a long line for one station, so I went to the next, got a train to Central, tried to get the train I wanted, switched, missed a train, switched again, got stuck, and got to the garden entrance about half an hour after the time they were giving people to get there.  ...yeah...  So I went to Portobello Road instead and found myself with a pocket watch.  I wouldn't say it's a good trade, but I do like the watch.  But I'd been planning on getting one anyway, so basically it just ended up being disappointing.

Anyway, on to the snogging, because I'm sure you all want to know about it if you don't already.  On the following Monday, a few of us who didn't have FHE groups that day got together to go Snogging.  In other words, we went to get frozen yogurt at a place called Snog.  They have fun with the name.  The yogurt is sugar free, fat free, etc, and sweetened with acai.  They have vanilla/plain, chocolate, green tea, and guava (?), which you can top with a variety of fruits, nuts, and free-trade chocolate.  My opinion--if you like the slightly-sour taste of yogurt (yoghurt?), you'll like Snog, but if you don't, don't try it.  I thought it was pretty good.  I got chocolate, of course, with some raspberries and chocolate bits.  They also had some funny pictures on the walls, and we had a great evening.

That's that story, and it's fun times.


  1. So have you gotten back to Kew gardens?

  2. I haven't yet. I don't know if I will this trip; I need to find out how much it costs. Maybe I'll wait until the trees are all colors. One way or another, it's on my list for when I come back. Because, you know, I'm going to. Maybe I should make that list physical.