Saturday, October 29, 2011's everywhere...HELP!

The above describes my approximate feelings about the Frieze Art Fair.  The FAF is a big thing, apparently; galleries from all over the world pick their favorite artists and send their work and possibly them to this one place where they set up a big tent--retail-department-store big--and sell it all.  It's in a few places including New York; this year, it was set up in Regent's Park and hoo, boy, was it crowded.  Not just with people.  There were some ridiculous things there.  There were these huge bulbous shapes; they looked like dew drops, but they were polished mirror things.  Big wooden sculptures, little pieces of art, crystalline shapes, a big "credit-card-destroying" machine--no, really--a giant bent clothes hanger, some video art (there was a depressing one of Popeye that I think will disturb me forever, and one of dogs jumping down a sidewalk on their hind legs that just caused an o.O expression), and on and on and on...  The art, the crush of people--it was all rather overwhelming and rather exhausted me by the end.  Basically, I've decided that huge art sales are not my thing and my taste in art tends away from the grotesque and to things that don't jump out and obnoxiously scream for your attention, but the pieces that are easier enjoyed quietly and by your choosing to seek them out.  I actually think that taste extends to most of my life.  (With a few exceptions...wearing a cloak is not something you do when you don't want to attract attention.)

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