Friday, October 14, 2011

Hodge Podge Mishmash Stuffness

So, I'm catching up and I will just go ahead and say now that unless something happened, I'm going to skip detailing most of my days.  If I don't talk about 'em, here's what's going on--Monday and Thursdays are English classes; we're dashing through English literary history at a breakneck pace, then there's an hour break while the 218 class goes before my 317 essay class--we're writing essays.  There's some entertaining prompts, I'll say that.  Tuesdays and Fridays are art.  My class is the 101 Intro to Drawing.  We've done blind and normal contour drawings, negative space, value, and composition exercises, mostly made up of styrofoam boxes and styrofoam cups.  Might be getting a bit dull...  Don't get me wrong, I love drawing, but I'm tired of sketching the same things, or just sketching.  But it is good to be able to have museums around where we go on occasion.  Wednesdays are Walks classes, so I'll have something to say about most Wednesdays.  After classes, we have free time.  So plenty of time to explore, which I should take advantage of more often.

Saturdays and Sundays are good days, too.  Saturdays are completely ours (normally) which normally means sleeping in, because breakfast isn't at 7:30 but whenever we get our own.  Sundays--I try to make breakfast but don't always.  Our group of 4 leaves for church at 8:30, 8:45, and take the Central line on the Tube from Queensway, switch to the Victoria for one jump, then to the Northern line for a while, hop off, grab a bus and take it to church, and arrive just on time at 10:00.  Sacrament meeting is first, which I honestly prefer, and the ward is great--small, but great.  They just called the second councilor, finishing the bishopric switch.  The new councilor has four kids who are all smart, great kids.  And make up a third or a quarter of the primary, depending on the day.  There's about 5, 10 minutes of break before Sunday School starts, in the chapel.  It's an interesting room, really--the biggest in the church, with the stand behind a curtain and the pews on wheels so they can be easily rolled to the side, which we did for the munch and mingle/break the fast a few Sundays back.  Our Sunday School teacher is great.  He really prepares, you can tell, and combines the history of the lesson, the doctrine involved, and relates it to our lives and to other scriptures.  If I teach again, I hope I can do that rather than my hurried preparation of freshman year.  I leave a little bit early to get to the primary room just before the kids gather for sharing time, and hopefully have time to run through a song or two before they get there.  They consider it a large primary with 12 or 13, and I'm used to having three or four times that, so it's kind of odd for me.  They have quite the mix, though--loud, energetic, knowledgeable, goofy, quiet, obedient, stubborn, they've got the gambit.  It's still kind of rough playing, because I still don't know the songs too well and I am still very, very rusty at playing, but they don't always follow the piano, so it works out somewhere, I think.  It's hardest when the teacher decides to have the song speed up in the middle... *fingers fly off hand as brain splits while trying to keep up* 

On our off days, or even during down time, one thing people like doing is finding and playing a movie.  In fact, there have been days where there were at least 3 movies on at once, and it's kind of fun to movie-skip.  Then again, movies in the servery have a tendency to be drowned out easily when anyone starts talking and some people like talking during movies, so the servery is not ideal.  (Actually, at present, Despicable Me is on in the Servery and some people are watching the long version of Pride and Prejudice right on the other side of the dining room.)

That's my mismatch of info.  Again, questions and comments welcome!

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