Sunday, December 16, 2012

Exam Week? I laugh at thee.

Okay, how's this for an exam.  Write an essay, on your own, of what you think about what you learned.  Oh, and share your artwork you've spent the last while making.

Seriously, this exam period was the easiest and lowest stress I have ever had.

On the 3rd of December I got up early and joined the group of girls and John and Chris who spent Saturday mornings playing soccer-- I had previously been too lazy to wake up on time to join.  However, I managed to get quite an adrenaline rush that time, playing in Hyde Park.

The next day would be my last at the London Center, so I started packing my stuff.  Technically, I knew I'd be back, so it wasn't the last day, but close enough.  That just basically let me leave a bit of stuff there to have lighter loads whilst traipsing across Wales.  I also practiced piano for the sake of my primary class.

Sunday was the next day (also my Dad's birthday) and a Fast Sunday.  We spent the day at church getting ready for the primary program.  After, I helped out with dinner and packed up the rest of my stuff, then we had carol singing and hot chocolate to celebrate the end of the semester and say goodbye.  People were already trailing out, and some had been gone for a while.  My time to leave came shortly after carol singing, and I found my way to a train station and hopped on a little train to Wales.

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