Friday, March 7, 2014

My Word! Rather, my startling lack thereof.

Okay, okay, I'm a horrible blogger.  It's been over a year since my last post which was way way later than when it was supposed to have been posted.  But I do think things are going to be getting interesting around here and perhaps I should post here.  If for no other reason than to have some record for myself. 

I have a few friends who have been getting on the blogwagon, as they wanted to build their audience and reach and establish themselves before publishing.  And in Julia's case, posting cool pictures of stuff she's been making.  And I keep thinking, "Yeah, that'd be cool.  I can write and sound interesting, maybe even make people want to come back for more." But then I look at this blog and realize that no, I'm pretty horrible at it.  So I'm not going to start that kind of blog until I can update this consistently. 

With that in mind, I intend to start posting here more regularly.  I'll try to put something up either weekly or monthly.  No clue what they'll be about - they may be life, they may be writing, they may be crafts, they may even be my opinions - but I intend to make them at the very least the most fascinating things you'll read online.  Absolutely.  *nodnod*

That's it for today.  Mostly this post is to say "I live!  Check back later and make sure I'm still alive!"

See you later.

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