Sunday, December 16, 2012

Slightly Different Buildings

The day after Canterbury saw us going to the London Temple.  Of the two, Canterbury Cathedral is larger, more ornate, older, more spiky, and I prefer the London Temple.  Even if the architecture makes it look a bit like a box with a spire.  We went in and all the people with limited-use recommends (all of us but maybe 2 of the girls and the leaders) did baptisms.  We sat in a waiting room as they were taking us in groups and sang hymns until it was our turn.  After that, we spent time wandering the grounds, which were quite nice, and some time in the visitor's center, where I watched Mr Kreuger's Christmas with Eve, our art professor's daughter. 

We all re-boarded the bus after that and returned to the London Center.  This trip may have been a bit shorter, but I very much enjoyed it.  (I actually got the pens for my aforementioned art project after returning home that day.  Incidentally, this was Dec. 1.)

Pictures pending.

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