Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have class. Do you?

Today was another of those interesting days.  I have an interview with a scholarship committee today.  The problem is, they wanted a graduation plan from me.  I started to put one together.  It was going smoothly since I've already looked over requirements several times before.  That's when I noticed something.

You see, I've been taking Welsh classes here.  It's not a common language, no, but it is one I love.  Part of the requirement for graduating with an English degree is to fulfill the GE "Languages of Learning" requirement with a foreign language instead of math.  (Yep, that's right--become an English major and they literally say "Okay, now, don't take any math...") I actually had completed the math Language of Learning during my Freshman year when I was trying to go into Biology.  I don't regret the switch to English.  Anyway, back to Welsh--kind of--part of the requirement is to take a high level foreign language class.  Guess what?  For Welsh, you actually had to go to Wales to get the 200-level courses!  At least, at BYU you did.  It was part of the Wales study abroad, which is one of the cheapest I've ever heard of.  Perfect, I thought.  Study an incredible language, go to the country, learn and travel at once--best idea ever!  I planned accordingly.

There was a slight hitch in this plan.

The university canceled the Wales study abroad.

Well, there went that idea.  So I made a new plan--I'd just learn a new language with a little extra school in the spring/summer next year.  I was thinking Italian or something like that.  Easy enough, right?

Yeaaaahhh....about that....

Turns out I needed 4 semesters of another language.  Let me do the math:  Senior year is two, spring/summer is another two, study abroad is minus one, and...three.  Right. Um...Well, maybe I could fit it in around other classes?  How many hours do I need to graduate?

Minus the language classes, 36.

More math--Study abroad is 12 with one that is required but doesn't help me graduate, I can do 18 hours in a semester if I don't mind killing myself, and there are 6 hours each spring/summer.  So that's...41.  Oh, good.  More than 36.  Assuming I don't mind slaving away for my last full semester.  7 more hours.  And language classes are...4 hours apiece.  That's...not 7.

I could add another semester.  Oh, wait, did I mention that the scholarship I'm applying for only goes to people graduating by August 2012?


I reworked and re-checked and redid my schedule several times, then went to the humanities advisement center, which I should have done in the first place.

I love the humanities advisement center.

"Look, you need to graduate by August."  Yep.  "So, why don't you take this and petition to the English department?  You've done a lot of Welsh, you intended to go further, and it's not your fault your study abroad was canceled."  I can do that?  "Here's the name of the person you need to contact."  Yay!

So, my graduation plan is mapped, it won't be killing me, a petition is in, and now I run to class and then to an interview.  Wow.  Life is good right now.  Never, never doubt the power of academic advisers.  High school guidance counselors?  That's a kettle of fish of an entirely different color.

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  1. Incidentally, I received word that yes, I am allowed to use my Welsh for language credits; also, I got the Thomas Merit and Need-Based Scholarship. It may not cover *everything,* but it's definitely a great help.